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Drive new customers with Ads

Drive new customers with Ads

  • ads

    Promote your business to consumers looking for your products or services with targeted local advertising. Learn more

  • Competitor ad removal

    Remove ads purchased by nearby businesses from your Business Page.

  • Account management

    Receive support from our Account Management team when you have questions or need to optimize your Advertising program.

Convert visitors to customers

Convert visitors to customers

  • Deals and Specials

    Turn your visitors into paying customers by posting your daily deals and specials. Learn more

  • Menu & Products

    Attract customers by appearing in search results when they search for your strains & products. Learn more

  • POS Integration

    Integrate with popular point-of-sale systems such as GreenBits for automated menu updating. Learn more

Connect with your customers

Connect with your customers

  • Join the conversation with your customers

    Respond to a review with a direct message or public comment.

  • Keep customers informed

    Post your Company's daily news and events, provide real insights to your customers. Learn more

  • Photos and business information

    Upload photos, add a link to your website, and ensure that your hours are up to date so consumers searching for your business can easily find it.

  • Business analytics

    Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Business Page. Learn more

  • Go mobile

    Download the Business Owners mobile app and get the power of our tools in your pocket. Learn more

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